Paper Publication

1655 Enhancing Adhesion Strength via Synergic Effect of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma and Silane Coupling Agent 정운석,김윤상,Suhr Jonghwan,이헌수,김재우 202312 Applied Surface Science 초록
1654 Stepwise percolation behavior induced by nano-interconnection in electrical conductivity of polymer composites Jang Ji-un,So Soon Oh,장한결,김재우,Oh Myung Jun,Kim Seong Hun,Lee Jung Tae,Kim Seong Yun 202311 Materials Today Physics 초록
1653 Arc discharge synthesis of graphene with enhanced boron doping concentration for electrochemical applications Kim Chunghun,김정길,김남동,Kim Myung Jong 202311 Applied Surface Science 초록
1652 Gradient Lithium Metal Infusion in Ag-Decorated Carbon Fibers for High-Capacity Lithium Metal Battery Anodes Baek Kyungeun,Lee Wang-Geun,Im Eunmi,Ha Jee Ho,안석훈,Kim Youngsik,Choi Yeonsik,Kang Seok Ju 202309 Nano Letters 초록
1651 Force-induced fluorescence spectrum shift of spiropyran-based polymer for mechano-response sensing 김동우,장한결,이헌수,김재우 202309 Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical 초록
1650 An experimental study on the role and contribution of the first normal stress difference and elongational viscosity in immiscible viscoelastic Saffman-Taylor instability Kazemi Ahmad,Norouzi Mahmood,Nejad Ali Abbas,Kim Mirae,Kim Kyung Chun,김서균 202309 Chemical Engineering Research and Design 초록
1649 Enhanced ultra high frequency EMI shielding with controlled ITO nano-branch width via different tin material types Kim Youngho,Kim Noeul,Lee Sang Hoon,형석기,Lee Jae-Hyun,Lee Jaeyeong,Bae Jong Seong,Cho In Sun,Choi Jae-Young,Kim Soo Young,Yu Hak Ki 202309 Nanoscale 초록
1648 Facile, Dip Coating Fabrication of Polymeric Electropositive Membrane Filter Exploiting Electrostatic Interactions Choi Dalsu,안여진,백경열,조소혜,이한비,이민욱,조성무 202309 Fibers and Polymers 초록
1647 Highly conductive and mechanically strong metal-free carbon nanotube composite fibers with self-doped polyaniline 이동주,김서균,김중환,김남렬,유기현,김대윤,김남동,황준연,Piao Yuanzhe,안상민,이동수,구본철 202309 Carbon 초록
1646 Coatable Negative Dispersion Retarder: Kinetically Controlled Self-Assembly Pathway of Butterfly-Shaped Molecular Building Blocks for the Construction of Nanocolumns Choi Yu-Jin,Koo Jahyeon,Wi Youngjae,Jang Junhwa,Oh Mintaek,Rim Minwoo,Ko Hyeyoon,Yoon Won-Jin,유남호,Jeong Kwang-Un 202308 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 초록