KIST Jeonbuk Institute of Advanced Composite Materials was established with the mission to take the lead in the development of key materials closely associated with the region’s strategic industries, which will contribute to the nation’s international competitiveness and self-reliance in the composite materials industry, a major source of trade deficits.

Applicable to a wide range of industries including sports, leisure, automotive, aviation, and construction industries, composite materials offer superior properties to the original materials by combining two or more materials. They are considered as advanced novel materials and an up-and-coming industry in the 21st century.

Producing high-performance, high-value-added materials such as carbon composite materials, the advanced composite materials industry has positioned itself as a national strategic industry. KIST Jeonbuk Institute of Advanced Composite Materials has state of the art processes and analysis facilities for composite materials research and development. We at KIST Jeonbuk, the nation’s center of composite materials research and development, are dedicated to contributing to strengthening national competitiveness and laying foundations for expanding the domain of the novel composite materials industry.

Thank you.
                        KIST Jeonbuk Institute of Advanced Composite Materials

                                    Director General     Choi,  Won - Kook

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