Academia-Research Joint Study: Master's and Doctorate Degree Course

About Academia – Research Sector Joint Study Master’s and Doctorate Degree Course

KIST Academia – Research Sector Joint Study Master’s and Doctorate Degree Course is differentiated from the existing master’s and doctorate degree courses.
Developed through cooperation between KIST, which focuses on technological research, and universities fostering human resources, this course aims at developing advanced research-oriented technological human resources.

Universities in Cooperation Agreement with KIST

  • Korea University

  • Yonsei University

  • Hanyang University

  • Kyung Hee University

  • Sogang University

  • Ewha Womans’ University

  • Kwangwoon University

  • University of Seoul

  • Ajou University

  • Kookmin University

  • Chungang University

  • Konkuk University

  • Sookmyung Women’s

  • Gangneung – Wonju
    National University

  • Catholic Kwandong

  • Chonbuk National

  • Jeonju University

  • Kunsan National

  • Chosun University

  • Wonkwang University

  • Suwon University

Operating System

Students complete the basic curricula at universities and participate in research projects and perform dissertation studies at KIST. Student guidance is provided jointly by KIST and academic advisors at each university.

Curricula Operation
[ Admission ]
Admission officer (Operating Committee)
  • Recruitment and
  • Admission
[ Student Guidance ]
Dissertation study  and guidance
  • Lectures on s
    special subjects
  • Participation in
    research projects
  • Experiment/
         practice guidance
  • Lectures on basic
[ Graduation ]
Graduation officer (Operating Committee)
  • Publication in
    SCI journal (doctoral)
  • Course completion
  • Degree


  • Fostering advanced technological human resources equipped with theoretical and application competencies to lead technological development in the industry
  • Fostering professional human resources that can perform immediately in the industry based on research competencies built in KIST
  • Transferring research outcomes to the industry by introducing human resources that have participated in national advanced research projects of KIST into the industry
  • Strengthening research competencies of KIST by introducing young and innovative talents into the sites of advanced source technology research

Enrollment and Graduation Status

(As of the end of Mar. 2016, Unit: No. of students)

Providing Information of Enrollment and Graduation Status
Classification Enrolled Students* Graduated Students**
Master’s Doctorate Integrated Total Master’s Doctorate Total
Total 167 110 45 322 1,846 476 2,322

*Enrolled Students: Including students on leave of absence and those of course completion
**Accumulated figure

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