Functional Composite Materials Research Center

Center Introduction

Functional Composite Materials Research Center is researching microscopic phenomena in composite materials and developing functional composite materials using the knowledge learned through them.
Based on high-quality low-dimensional nanomaterial synthesis technology and nano-structure fabrication technology, we will take the lead in developing and commercializing composite material original technology that can be applied to future industries in the fourth industrial revolution era. The applications are electromagnetic / radiation shielding materials, heat management materials inside high-tech devices, filters and encapsulation materials, materials for future electronic devices, materials for smart sensors, materials for renewable energy, etc.


To lead application of advanced functional composite material basic and source technologies


To verify microscopic phenomena in composite materials and to develop high-functional composite materials based on the verification result

Dr. Lee, Dong-Soo
Head Dr. Lee, Dong-Soo
  • Multifunction, low-dimensional nanomaterial
  • Composite material for
    electronic device
  • Composite material for
    extreme environments
  • Smart composite material for
    climate change response
  • Study on quantum phenomena in
    functional composite materials


Composite Design
  • electron
  • phonon
  • photon


Nano Filler

Applied quantum
composite materials
  • Quantum mechanicsElectric charge and energy
    delivery analysis and application
  • High-performance
    electronic material
    Flexible/ transparent electrode
    Electromagnetic wave shielding material
    High heat radiating packaging material
  • Smart composite materialIntelligent composite material
    New concept self-healing material
  • Functional new materialGas barrier
    multifunctional sensor material
Understanding microscopic phenomena in materials and
application to functional composite material development
  • Studying new physical
    phenomena through
    low-dimensional nanomaterial
    application and discovering
    functional composite materials
  • Developing conductor to allow
    high current and heat radiating
    material for response to
    high-performance electronic
    devices of the future
  • Developing state-of-the-art
    functional materials for military
    use and evaluation
  • Functional convergence
    material design to develop
    new materials for extreme
  • Smart composite material
    development for climate
    change response
   기능성복합소재 연구센터 단체 사진

Key technology

  • Nano filler formation in composites, surface characteristics, orientation design-based physical property control and improvement
  • Understanding and application of heat/ electric charge delivery in various matrices

Key research subjects

  • Development of micro packaging nanocomposites for high heat/ electric charge emission
  • Multifunctional BN (boron nitride) nanofiller development for innovative characteristic improvement
  • 2D material-based physical property design and application development for new functional composite material creation

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