Development for the process technology of composite material for the structure

Structural control technology of composite material

Development of a multiscale modeling/simulation technology for CFRP property improvement


Development of a 3D direct measuring technology for carbon fiber preforms and finished products using vortex

Extensive Research Areas
  • Filler impregnation/defect control technology
  • Technology for distributed control/evaluation of fillers
  • Filler/resin interface control technology
  • Connecting technology for multi/similar materials and components
  • Non-disruptive analysis and design technology for composite materials
  • Multiscale material modeling/simulation technology
    for multifunctional structural composite materials
  • Resin improvement technology for realization
    of multifunctional composite materials
Key Research Outcomes
  • Distributed quantification technology for micro and nano-fillers
  • Interface control technology using molecular sensors and plasma
  • CFRP preform 3D direct measuring technology using ultrasonic waves and vortex
  • Property optimization technology for multifunctional high molecular
    composite materials using multiscale modeling
  • Manufacturing technology for polymerized reaction type low viscosity thermoplastic resin
  • Flame retarding thermoset resin manufacturing technology
  • Self-restoring adhesion and sensing technology