Composite Materials Applications Research Center

Center Introduction

Composite Materials Application Research Center aims to develop future-oriented cutting-edge composites that surpass the performance of pre-existing materials through synthesizing base components, designing optimum structure, and deeply understanding mechanism.
The main interest of this center is to achieve composite materials with high performance, multi-functionality, innovative processability, and versatility. Ultimately, our research ranges from the development of original technology to application research for potential fields such as future transportations, aerospaces, electronics, energy, and environments.

Chae, Yong-Chae
Head Dr. Yu, Jae Sang

Roles of Composite Materials Applications Research Center and flow of study

  • Multifunctional
    composite material
    design and
  • Composite material
    structure physical property
    analysis, simulation
    and design
  • Composite material
    intermediary goods
    manufacturing and
    mechanism verification
  • Point bonding of
    homogenous materials,
    molding and reliability
  • Composite material
    recycling and repairing

Scope of materials and parts

Multifunctional intermediary
goods material technology
고인성, 난연, 전자파, 고방열, 흡수/차펠, 전도성, 자동차  Fender
Composite material molding and
Prepreg, compounding, block, 열경화성, 열가소성 CFRP, 기능성 복합재(전자파 차폐, 부식방지)
Multifunctional structure
composite materials
자동차부품, 전기전자 부품, 유연투명전극

Roles of Multifunctional Structure Composite Material Research Center

Multifunctional Structure Composite Materials Research Center
Multifunctional smart composite material development
  • Point bonding of
    heterogeneous materials
  • Self-healing
Composite material physical property
evaluation and simulation
  • Nano – micro – macro scale composite
    material characteristic analysis
Composite material manufacturing/ process technology
  • Micro – ultra large
    composite material
    technology and
    equipment building
  • Carbon fiber
    composite material
    (CFRP) design

Multifunctional Research Subjects and Structure Scale

Scope of Multi-functionality
  • Core (Projects of Institute)
  • Current extensive research area
  • Short and mid-term multifunctional research plans
  • Expected R&D areas and outcome of mid and long-term multifunctional projects
  • Structure Scale [nm~m]
Composite material core element
Integration of the projects of institute
Composite material source technology
development for multifunctional structures
High electricity and heat conductivity/ CFRP/
heat resistant/ toughened/ process efficiency
Currently promoted extensive
multifunctional composite material studies
High heat radiating/ point bonding/ self-diagnostic/
eco-friendly/ recycling
Energy/ ultra lightweight/ building, engineering/
low price

R&D Application I: Next-generation vehicles

  • High-strength, high-durability and high
    heat-resisting composite material and
    engine ibration energy collection
    material technology
  • Eco-friendly, lightweight biomass and high-strength
    composite material high-speed molding technology
  • Charging CFRP chassis molding
  • Heterogeneous/ homogenous
    material point bonding technology
  • Electrothermic CFRP composite
    material and flow simulation
  • Composite material recycling process
    and repairing technology
  • Toughened, fast-hardening CFRP resin
    and nanofoaming multifunctional
    material technology
  • Lightweight composite structure and
    automobile kinetic energy collection
    material technology
  • Self-restoring composite structure
    material technology

R&D Application II: Aerospace

  • Structural analysis design technology
  • Composite material-based thermal stability
    improvement structure/
    wing manufacturing technology
  • Multifunctional/ structural composite material
    manufacturing process
  • Sandwich and circular shaped composite
    material with thermal and structural stability
  • Thermal protection system (TPS)
    composite material
  • Carbon fiber rope and binding
    convergence technology

One-stop Process and Evaluation Technology

Raw material

Primary intermediary goods

Secondary intermediary goods

Finished item

Analysis and evaluation

Advanced Composite Material Processing Technology Development

  • View of processing plant
  • View of processing plant
  • Inside of processing plant
  • HR-RTM
  • FiberFor
  • 2D/3D preformer

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Key Research Subjects

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