Corporate Support

Disclosing KIST Technologies

KIST discloses information on its technologies by using various media and methods as listed below in order to promote technology transfer to the industry.

Posting/ registering KIST technologies in
Publishing/ distributing booklets (CD)
introducing promising technologies for
  • KISTechnology
Organizing and participating in technology
transfer seminars
  • KIST technology fair (twice a year)
  • Participating in domestic and international technology transfer seminars

KIST Technology Transfer Procedures

As a public research institute, KIST implements technology transfer fairly and transparently through standardization of contracts for technology execution in order to spread research outcomes and to contribute to society.

Target technology
Search and select technology
for transfer in KIST technology
transfer website
Contact KIST’s technology
transfer officer and consult on
the technology transfer
conditions. When information
on interested technologies is
requested, the data will be provided immediately and an
interview with the related
researchers will be organized.
Technology value
KIST Technology Committee
evaluates technical and
economic values of the technology, examines production
/ marketing abilities,
financial conditions and HR
status of the company requesting
technology transfer and decides
technology transfer conditions
(type of technology transfer and
royalty amount).
Technology execution
contract negotiation
and conclusion
Based on the technology value
assessment result, contract
conditions are deliberated and
execution contract is concluded.
If necessary according to the
contract, technical guidance,
such as technological advice, is
Customer satisfaction
survey and
(result notification)
Customer satisfaction surveys
and feedback gathering are
carried out on technology
transfer procedures, etc. some
time after contract conclusion
(result reflected in KIST
technology transfer procedure
and system).

Documents for KIST Technology Transfer

A company applying for technology transfer must submit its "Technology Commercialization Promotion Plan," which is necessary for successful commercialization of the technology transferred from KIST. This plan must include general information of the company. In case of an SME, "Certificate of SMEs" attached with an SME standard examination table issued by a certified public accountant of Korea must be submitted.

Notes for KIST Technology Transfer

  • As a non-profit public research institute, KIST complies with regulations of the related government offices in distributing technologies in the industry and is carrying out technology transfer operation fairly and transparently.
  • As a government-invested research institute, KIST places the utmost importance on promoting public interest and does not pursue commercial purposes. Therefore, KIST restricts the use of its title and does not provide guarantee on the supplied technologies in principle.

Technology Execution Payment

In estimating royalty amount, KIST has set out a principle of technology value assessment. At the same time, it is calculating royalty amount by complying with regulations of the related government offices.


Royalty is divided into initial payment, running royalty and minimum payment.

  • Amount fixed regardless of production
    commencement status or technology-related
    sales scale
  • In case of SMEs, installment payments are allowed
    according to contract considering the company’s
    management conditions
    (30% or more of total initial payment to be
    paid upon contract conclusion)
  • Royalty paid from the time of sales generation using
    the transferred technology
  • Following production commencement date
    notification, payment to be made until March of
    the following year at a fixed rate of sales
  • Minimum payment to be paid in case running
    royalty is lower than the prescribed amount

Granting of License

KIST complies with the principle of non-exclusive license so that a large number of companies can utilize R&D outcomes according to the purpose of its foundation as a public research institute. KIST allows exclusive license on a limited basis in the following cases:

In case the requesting company has exclusive right on the technology
for transfer over other companies

In case there are no other companies requesting license
following notice of technology transfer

Inquiries on Technology Transfer

KIST TLO Technology Licensing Office

※Please direct questions on technology transfer to the officers listed above or view the related information on KIST website (