UST Master's and Doctorate Degree Course

University of Science and Technology (UST) Master’s and Doctorate Degree Course

UST is a graduate-level educational institution founded jointly by 28 government-invested science and technology organizations. UST master’s and doctorate degree course aims at fostering professional science and engineering human resources for the fields of new convergence technologies centering on the 5T. University of Science and Technology(UST) GO

  • This course is operated through active use of facilities, equipment, human resources and projects of the government-invested organizations.
  • A small number of elite students are selected for this tutorial-type program to major in new and convergence type technological fields or specialized science and engineering fields.
  • Majors : New convergence technologies that are difficult to be handled/
    operated by other universities
  • Degree Course : Master’s and doctorate degree course
    (including integrated course) without an undergraduate course
  • Education Method : Students receive in-depth field-centered education by
    participating in research projects and activities in industrial sites.
Student Selection
  • Students are selected through collective notice by UST. Candidates that have passed a selection process will complete a degree course at research institutes of their choice.
Student Welfare
  • The tuition is paid by the organizations and students are provided with separate educational grants each month.
  • UST provides opportunities for overseas training.
  • UST offers a dormitory for students from other areas.

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