KIST School

In addition to the “Academia – Research Sector Joint Study Master’s and Doctorate Degree Course,” which is a human resources fostering program for locals, KIST has been operating its International R&D Academy program, a master’s and doctorate degree course for foreigners, since September 2001. Established with a recognition of the necessity of diverse educational programs to develop professional technological human resources in developing countries, this system produces positive effects based on KIST’s expertise with fostering human resources through the operation of domestic educational programs. KIST School GO

Purpose of Establishment
  • To foster science and technology leaders in developing countries and build an international science and technology network over the long term
  • Opened in September 2001
  • First graduation ceremony in August 2003 (7 masters)
    ※Accumulated Graduate Count as of Feb. 2010: 105 in 17 countries
    (62 masters and 43 doctors)
  • 99 students in 20 countries (every Asian country, Israel, Russia and Ukraine) enrolled (31 master’s, 62 doctorates, 6 integrated)
Features and Strengths
  • Students participating in research projects to acquire field technologies
  • KIST’s advanced technologies and research management techniques built over 40 years
  • Experiment, practice and dissertation studies using world-class research infrastructure
  • Educational Method: Tutorial system, (professors: students = 1 : 1 ~ 3)
  • Educational Benefits: Full scholarship
  • Completely free tuition, scholarship (KRW 900,000/ month for master’s course, KRW 1.2 million/ month for doctorate course), dormitory, insurance
  • Course : Master’s, doctorate and integrated courses
  • Five Majors : Neuroscience, nano/ material/ device, robot/ system, energy,
    environment, life/ health
  • Degree Conferment : UST degree or multiple degrees with five universities
  • Semesters : Spring and autumn semesters

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